Brow make over with hairstoke simulation with added ombre effect
  Soft and natural hairstroke brows, reshaping for a more flattering look
  Covering up an old faded tattoo with some beautiful, natural hairstrokes
  Soft, natural hairstoke brows giving more definition with a subtle finish
  Eyebrow redesign to give definition and shape
  Subtle eyebrow enhancement to fill out the missing tails and define the shape
  Thickening up these brows with hairstroke simulation for a natural look
  Brow shape reconstruction for sparse, uneven brows
  Creating new soft bows that will heal to a subtle powdery finish
  Soft, natural eyebrow enhancement
  Complete brow reconstruction for client with no eyebrow hair
  Big, bold, dramatic brows that will heal with a powdered effect
  Covering up an old faded tattoo done elsewhere for a striking finish
  Complete eyebrow reshape to produce a much more flattering final look
  Natural, soft finish brows
  Making these high arched brows more flattering and full with hair stroke simulation
  Big, Bold brows with hairstoke simulation to define the arch
  Balancing out the fronts of these brows for a more dramatic look
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